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About Dr Sabeel

Dr. Sabeel Ahmed Qureshi is serving as Homeopathic doctor for last 15 years in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Dr. Sabeel is treating patients from all over the world for almost all types of diseases. If you want to discuss or start your treatment please email Or call. Treatment for people of all countries is offered.

Fahim Ullah Cured From Anal Fistula By Homeopathic Dr. Sabeel Ahmed

Here is one of more case study of patient who was cured from Anal fistula by the homeopathic treatment done by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed. Patient Information: Name: Fahim Ullah Gender: Male Residence: Mardan K.P.K Clinical Record No: 1144 Medical Problem of Patient: Symptoms and Problems: Blood and pus comes from opening around And continuing drainage. Constipation… Read More »

Case Study: Gallbladder Stone successfully treat by Homeopathic Dr. Sabeel Ahmed

Patient Diagnosed Gallbladder Stone and Fibroids: A patient Mrs Naseem Begum suffering multiple health issues. She diagnosed 6.7 mm stone in gallbladder and fibroids as in medical report before homeopathic treatment by Homeopathic Dr. Sabeel Ahmed. Patient Basic Information: Name: Mrs Naseem Begum Gender: Female Residence: Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Age: 60 Years at the time of… Read More »

Liver Tumor of Mrs. Shahnaz Akhtar Curing By Homeopathic Treatment

One of the patient diagnose the liver tumor that’s measured 2.7cm x 2.4cm in right lobe segment IV. Dr Sabeel Ahmed Qureshi successfully treat this case by homeopathic medicines. Here are the complete patient record and report before and after the treatment: Patient Details: Name: Shahnaz Akhtar Age: 58 Years Resident: Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan Problem:… Read More »

Liver Tumor of Mrs. Maqsooda Bibi Curing By Homeopathic Treatment

Mrs. Maqsooda was suffering from Liver Tumor and her condition was very unstable. Here are the details of patient and her brief case history: Patient’s Details: Patient Name: Maqsooda Bibi Age: 53 Years Problem: Liver Tumor Symptoms of Patient: Burning stomach Burning in feet and palms Stomach pain Indigestion Palpitation which was worst while laying… Read More »

Safe and Perfect Treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in Homeopathy

Definition of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)? PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a medical condition in which cysts are formed inside the women’s ovaries. These ovarian cysts are actually benign masses which are formed due to imbalance of sex hormones (estrogens and progesterones) of women. Ovarian cysts formation can lead to other issues including infertility, heart… Read More »