Patient of Sciatica Pain Cured By Dr. Sabeel

By | July 1, 2014

What is Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica Pain is caused when sciatic nerve is affected. Sciatic Nerve is a very large nerve that extends from lower back to back of human leg. Usually this pain is experienced in only one leg at one time.

Case Study:

Patient Name: Muhammad Asghar

Location of Patient: Rawalpindi, Punjab – Pakistan

Problems and Symptoms of Patient: Muhammad Asghar was experiencing worst type of sciatic pain in his back. The pain was radiating downwards from his back to his right leg. The pain was becoming severe during night because of cold.

sciatic nerve

Sciatic Pain occurs due to compression or irritation of Sciatic Nerve.

Treatment Done By Dr. Sabeel: After looking at all the symptoms of patient, Dr. Sabeel understood that this patient is suffering from the sciatic pain caused by damage to Sciatic Nerve. Immediate medicines were given to give quick relief to patient. The quick doses reduced the pain, considerably. To permanently solve the issue, proper medicines were given to patient to treat the damaged sciatic nerve.

Full Recovery: With the homeopathic medicines, the patient was feeling relieved and his pain was reducing day by day. Finally, within 3 months the patient was fully recovered and there was no Sciatic pain at all.

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2 thoughts on “Patient of Sciatica Pain Cured By Dr. Sabeel

  1. Ali Syed

    I am 67 suffering from Sciatica Pain in the left leg for the last four years. Through exercise and medication, it has given me a considerable relief but still, some percentage is left.

    I live in USA. Is there any way to ship the medication to the USA.

    With regards

    Ali Syed

  2. Muhammad Nadeem Hassan

    i am live in Karachi Pakistan i am patient blood pressure falege my back bone dick i am a pluralize hand and foot. i am facing a problem 6 month kindly kindly advice me good madecine i shall be very thankful to you.


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