Case Study: Gallbladder Stone successfully treat by Homeopathic Dr. Sabeel Ahmed

By | October 28, 2017

Patient Diagnosed Gallbladder Stone and Fibroids:

A patient Mrs Naseem Begum suffering multiple health issues. She diagnosed 6.7 mm stone in gallbladder and fibroids as in medical report before homeopathic treatment by Homeopathic Dr. Sabeel Ahmed.

Patient Basic Information:

Name: Mrs Naseem Begum

Gender: Female

Residence: Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Age: 60 Years at the time of treatment

Sabeel Homeo Clinic Record No: 380


  • Unbearable pain in upper belly right side
  • Digestive problems and heartburn
  • Acidity, Gastric and Constipation
  • Nausea
  • After meal, heavy feeling in lower abdomen

Medical Report Before Homeopathic Treatment:

In February 2017 Homeopathic Dr. Sabeel Ahmed advise Abdomen and Pelvis Ultrasound to Mrs Naseem Begum. In report mentioned gallbladder stone and fibroids.

gall bladder stone fibroids

Medical Report After Homeopathic Treatment:

After 5 months regular medication, repeat the ultrasound on 22 July, 2017. In this report not show calculus in lumen and gallbladder was clear from any stones.

gallbladder stone


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