Homeopathic Treatment of Breast Cancer in Pakistan

By | August 12, 2014

What is Breast Cancer?

In this disease a malignant tumor is formed in breast cells. Malignant tumor simply mean a group of cancer cells that can spread to surrounding cells and tissues. This tumor can also spread and affects other body parts. Breast cancer mostly affects women.

homeo treatment of breast cancer

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The first common and visible symptom of breast cancer is the formation of a lump or thick tissues in breast area. This lump may or may not be cancerous. But it is recommended to consult your physician ASAP if you find any thick tissues in your breast area.

Other common symptoms of breast cancer are:

  • Shape or size of breasts may change
  • Discharge of fluid (may be bloody) from nipples
  • Swelling in armpits
  • A rash may appear around your nipple
  • Feelings of pain in breast or armpits

Reasons of Breast Cancer

The exact reasons of breast cancer are not known but there are certain factors that may contribute to the breast cancer problem in women.

Age: It is observed that breast cancer is most common in women with ages over 50.

Genetics: If parents or close relatives have breast or ovarian cancer, then chances of breast cancer increases in next generation.

Dense Breast Tissues: It is observed that this disease is more common in women with dense breast tissues.

No Breastfeeding: Mothers who don’t breastfeed have more chances of getting breast cancer.

Having Children in Later Ages: Women who don’t have children or give birth to children in their later ages have more chances of getting this disease.

Homeopathic Treatment of Breast Cancer

It is usually easy to treat breast cancer at earlier stages. That’s why women are advised to consult their physician ASAP if they see any symptom of breast cancer. If tumor becomes older, then it affects more tissues and damage area is increased. This makes the treatment difficult and longer.

In Allopathic treatment, most of the times, Chemotherapy is used to treat breast cancer. This is a painful method that is associated with adverse side effects.

The good news is that there are effective medicines available in homeopathy that can help cure the breast cancer. The advantage of using homeopathic medicines is that it only affects cancerous cells and not the surrounding healthy cells. The common medicines used to treat breast cancer are Conium maculatum, Carcinosin, Phytolacca decandra and Thuja.

Please note that you should not use any medicine without asking from an expert homeopathic doctor.

Carcinosin; Conium maculatum; Phytolacca decandra; and Thuja – See more at: http://homeopathyplus.com.au/breast-cancer-homeopathic-remedies-effective-and-non-toxic/#sthash.1DNqmntx.dpuf
Carcinosin; Conium maculatum; Phytolacca decandra; and Thuja – See more at: http://homeopathyplus.com.au/breast-cancer-homeopathic-remedies-effective-and-non-toxic/#sthash.1DNqmntx.dpuf
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  1. Huma

    Dear sir I need ur help. I am Huma Ali. My grandmother have diagnosed breast cancer I want to send your reports on email as well. Please let me ur email address so that u can go through the reports and let me know if any treatment f breast cancer.

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    Dear sir , I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is in the second stage.The doctors have told me to have six chemos and surgery . I am allergic to alopathic medicienes and i usually take homeopathic medicienes for my other ailments. Can u plz recommend any mediecine for me or should i send my reports.ill be waiting for your reply Thanku.


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